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    Stupid poacher.

    Crop damage tags :rolleyes:
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    3a cow tag need help asap

    My buddie got drawed for a cow rifle 3a, but thw past month his scouting has turned up 0 cows 16-20 bulls, if anyone could help please give him a call 270-692-1234 chuck thanks also he is a tax. so he will help you if you need anything mounted
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    .243 question

    second that
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    Turtleman goes after the "wild turkey"

    Oak grove you are right the kids love him, My uncle squirrl (lol) is having a ball with it, like everyone else if they had a chance to get on the show would
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    Help with SX3's

    sx3 26 inch barrel indian creek custom 675 choke 3.5 inch nitro 4x5x7 Just nasty tried the 660 but was way to tight for me most shots are under 40 yards still puts over 275 pelts in a 10 inch circle
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    Let the turkey prep begin! Who all has new calls ordered or picked out?

    I'm waiting till the NWTF and pick some new calls from D-N-D thats all I use anymore
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    Green River

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    Does anyone hunt the Green River area

    don't waste you're time no ducks here now
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    2011 Predator challenge

    Sign up Are @ 4 different location we will not know that till next week
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    2011 Predator challenge

    Chum lee Remind me lol
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    2011 lottery question.

    Kids can go in 3 times
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    Son scored his second deer yesterday

    Good deal hunter congrats Man
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    Green River Hunting

    Some body has to work and some have to draw unemployment I'm sorry paid to hunt blah ha ha Team Unemployment
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    Does anyone hunt the Green River area

    its picking up if this front don't push them out, Don't plan on getting you're limit everyday lol
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    Green River Hunting

    Hey downs seen about 5 thousand this morning down the road from my house flying out

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