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    What's everybody's Memorial Day plans?

    Am visiting Franklin Sousley's grave like I do every year.
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    Another company headed to Mexico

    I generally do not reply to your posts, as we are totally on different ends of the political spectrum.. But that was BS...
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    The Dreaded Beaver !!

    I never trapped a bad beaver......... But have had a lot of good ones!
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    Out with a bang

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    This goes a long way in explaining why has devolved into what it has:

    Yep! Moved into the trades in High School through a local plant back then. Was a snotty nosed high school kid who just happened to like books and big machinery/stuff. Got hired in as a pre-apprentice/bottom feeder at 17. Was making $4.50 an hour back then when minimum was a $1.85. They kept...
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    Be aware if you hunt public land

    I knew a guy in the 80's who paid for his Daughters college on fur checks. Remember when Reds were worth big bucks??? These city boys whining bout trapping/trappers do not even know what a fur check is..... Yet alone the experience!
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    This goes a long way in explaining why has devolved into what it has:

    She is not the only one from what the media has/is reporting (can this family ever escape scandal for Christ's sake)..... We need another Clinton or Bush like another hole in the noggin IMHO. Change LEFT or RIGHT needs to happen until it is fixed, or we perish as a sovereign Nation and start...
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    Latest Bundy report.

    In spades......
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    Latest Bundy report.

    We are too silent even as I still believe a majority we have. I do not know enough details about this, but it appears to me these guys are literally dying on the wrong hill. However I am a firm believer in the fact they have brass [email protected]@s to stand up for what they believe in. How many here in...
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    Be aware if you hunt public land

    Plain and simple, leave trappers alone. They/we are the highest on the hit list. Stop/stymie them, the focus will change to other things by the cretins we all call anti hunters/trappers..... I have trapped for over 3 decades now and should have started sooner. Take precautions, pay attention...
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    Be aware if you hunt public land

    #1 City slicker from Louisville. #2 Probably never set a snare or a trap in his life. #3 Probably never released a non-target critter in his life. #4 Probably carries every tool he can for his equipment/needs, and never considered carrying a high quality pair of cable cutters (I have for...
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    ATF: New Rule On Gun Sellers Will Be Handled On A ?Case By Case? Basis

    Maybe someone who is clueless how much support was given to neighbors in need during this storm should watch their yap a doodle too......
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    Wilhelmina Marie Wright

    Is there anything these people have not screwed up???? And we keep putting them in powerful positions................
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    That is nice.
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    Common Core Exec: 'D*mn the Second Amendment' Says conservatives are "idiots."

    This poor poor woman was just taken out of context y'all. There is no way that there is an attack on the 2nd and Christian beliefs is underway. Please cut her some slack as I am sure after this she will tell us all what she really thinks/feels......... And of course I will believe her hook...

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