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    Happy birthday to the wing sauce man, Stanmanhale

    Yes alive and kicking..thanks for all the B-day wishes.
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    Finally.....Long story of my bow kill

    congrats mike, she will make some fine jerky
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    Kimbo gets ko'd tonight...

    I think big country fought a smart, boring fight. The fans hate it, but would you wanna risk breaking your hand on the top of kimbo's head? Staying injury free is very important to win the whole thing. Can not say i liked the way the fight went, but can understand a win is a win. If anyone...
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    Fall wing ding signup

    count me in to, will bring whatever.
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    I finally found the bow I was looking for...

    :eek:Did i just read this shooting a PSE. I thought you told me not so long ago that you wouldn't shoot that brand. Glad to see you coming around lol.:D
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    Send some up for my 10 year old son...Please

    prayers sent, Hope they get him fixed up.
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    Wife has MS Prayer's needed.

    Prayers sent
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    Hey Mepperson, check it out...

    Very nice....wish i had one for you to do....:D
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    What kind of arrows and broadheads?

    I think you might wanna tune your bow, I can assure you that if it is in tune the vanes need not be aligned with your broadhead. I shoot 3 blazer vanes and a 4 blade muzzy and they fly great.
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    Wing Ding menu

    guess i wil try to bring some chips too...and maybe some kind of sweets.
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    Buck finally on the ground! (long story)

    congrats on the fine deer...:cool:
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    anyone have any idea what this is

    maybe a black dog? :confused:
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    hhoott sauce

    glad to hear everyone liked it...i don't know about good enuff to sell but i like the flavor.
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    need prayers for wife all

    prayers sent..

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