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  • Question about rebarreling a rifle. Ruger m-77 about 22yrs old (99%) shot very little. It's a 7-mm mag and I wonder if it could be rebarreled to a 25-06. I think the long action would work, but what about the bolt face? thanks, ed.
    Yeah, that makes sense. Have been trying to juggle this besides moving and Christmas. Hopefully things will settle down and I can focus on the gun. May finally get a chance to hunt in the morning. The rifle needs some blood on it! I'll keep messin with it an let you know. thanks, ed
    I had already been tweaking the original mag, so I got another at gander this morning. Have wound up tweaking it back to look like the new one! The issue still seems to be getting that first round in the chamber. After that it seems to feed more or less reliably. The mag just doesn't set up high enough or the L-bar and magazine retainer need to be a bit shorter. At the same time though, there has to be some play or clearance. It can't be all that snug or it would be hard to get in and out. I'll give it another chance. Maybe it just needs to be shot some more. That always sounds like a good idea! Just wondered if you had heard any other complaints. Thanks again. I'll holler at ya next time. happy hunting,ed.
    Thanks. The 93fv in question seems to have problems feeding the first round. If I hold up on the mag while chambering the 1st, the others seem to feed ok. It really seems to feed better if you have the bolt open when you insert the mag. Ever hear if similar issues with this gun/magazine. Thanks for the response. ed
    Hi sb. Do you mind if I ask a question about a savage 93fv .22mag rifle? Not sure if you want to give out "free" solutions! I'm in paducah. Don't know where your located.
    Hey there stalkingbear, I've read alot of your posts and like the way you talk
    and the things you have to say, where are you located? Would like to come
    visit your shop sometime if your close enough. I'm in London.
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