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    dry land fish time almost!!!

    man I left mine soak over night. dang it, I should have done some reserch. Looks like i may have ruined this batch. can they be saved? I will run home at lunch and dry them. Are they doomed???
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    dry land fish time almost!!!

    Do you guys soak them to get the bugs out? How long? I have 20 or so in the fridge and don't want to ruin them. Sorry for the rookie question...
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    What are some different ways to cook Morels? I just copied Brutus's cream sauce recipe, man does that look good. I have always fried and had with fish. Lil hot saus=ce and roll with it.
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    Carcass camera

    felt bad for the buck. He looked like he was at a funeral...
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    Thought that the ducks and geese would be close by so I hunted Hardy Lake near Scottsburg Sunday. Wow we saw 10 ducks and 25 geese total. Pitiful waste of a good Sunday. On a better note, I did manage a couple dinasaurs on Saturday trying to find there way out of the ice.
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    Found the cranes. Drove up to Indy on New Years Eve and they were around the Seymour IN area on 65. As far as you could see in the air and in corn fields everywhere. Very cool site to see so many birds.
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    found any Sheds?

    The live deer cam that Lee and Tiffany have has several shed alredy showing up.
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    Heres you a great " ethics" topic

    I would shoot it and mount it with the ear tag! Kinda like a duck band, jewelry...
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    Deer jerky

    Just read your article. Thanks and well done sir.
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    Deer jerky

    Can just eat it til it is all gone. Can you keep jerky for long periods of time? I have a vaccume sealer and have sealed several bags. Will it stay good? Refrigerate or freeze?
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    Just for fun since things are slow

    would love to walk up on one and have ground growage not shrinkage. Nice deer man. My score was way off...
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    Just for fun since things are slow

    149 looks like the new buckmasters logo
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    Deer Hunters Man Cave, Lets see what you got.

    Yes 1000 yard shot with .22 lol. Everything else I took legally, i'm pretty sure.
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    view from late season set up.

    that last deer would get my tag.
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    New buck on camera. Score??

    135ish man he is pretty tho.

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