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    New truck fever

    Getting my transmission rebuilt in my 96 silverado. Has 240000 on the motor, second tranny rebuild.
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    Looking for .38 recommendations for a CCW for wife

    Not a revolver but the walther pk380 is very easy to rack. A buddy bought one for his wife because she has trouble with slides. She absolutely loves it.
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    KY deer and Alfalpha

    They always hit young alfalfa like it was going out of style. The inside corners could never get established without being mowed down.
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    Hairless bear

    Those hairless beavers are all the rage nowadays. Scared me the first one I saw but I learned how to skin em pretty quick.
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    People told me I was crazy: Wild Hogs

    I have seen a hog on the side of the railroad tracks in Horse cave. And 1 close to the entrance to Bernheim forest.
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    People told me I was crazy: Wild Hogs

    Right down the road from where I first saw em when I was a kid.
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    32 year annivesary

    Congratulations, my Mom wouldn't even talk to me after about 20 years. No way a wife would last that long. Good to see people growing old together nowadays.
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    Tonneau cover choices.

    The trifold types are pretty awesome.
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    Wife killed her first Solo bird.

    That's awesome. Old long spur too.
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    Needing some tips

    Take a nap and kill him midday when the hens leave him.
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    What is concensus on Carp?

    Just detox em off the meth before they hit sheperdsville.
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    Letting Gobblers walk

    Every turkey I've killed weighed 30 lbs by the time I got to the truck. Somehow they all lost weight and were between 16 and 23 when they got to the scale. If it ain't a jake it's getting shot. I killed my first one because of the sport. The rest are all revenge killings.
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    UL....More self imposed penalties..

    They know a lot more than has been said. I can't believe slick Ricky still has his job. I can't even make fun of Louisville fans anymore because it's too easy.
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    This weekends turkey

    My snood gets blue every now and again. Not as much as my younger days though.
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    This weekends turkey

    Looks alive to me, the way it's supposed to.

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