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    Electric fillet knife

    I had a Mister Twister for 20 years before it wore out. I have the AA now and love it. I do wish it came with adaptors to hook it to 12 volt system.
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    JG, I live in morehead also and Fly fish a lot. I would be interested in helping you find more...

    JG, I live in morehead also and Fly fish a lot. I would be interested in helping you find more places local to fish. Red River Gorge is a beautiful place to fish. All stockers but a few hold overs every now and then. If looking at Tellico, go about another 30 minutes to the Hiawassee.
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    Ordering a new FoxPro. IWhich sounds are your favorites?

    Why not get it with sounds not on your spitfire and load all your sounds to the new one with FoxPro programmer utility? That is just a suggestion to expand your call library.
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    Thanksgiving pheasant.

    Nice recount of your hunt. serves the others right for starting too early. Good luck with the ducks in the morning. My son and I are gonna try our luck next Friday, we boyh have young Llewellen setters. Just hoping to get them into a few birds to get their drive going. Great pic also.
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    Still without fur down

    Went with my son this morning to an area where there were lots of tracks last week, but no dice this morning except gobbling turkeys. Kind of new to this, but there were no fresh tracks in the area this morning where it looked like grand central last week. Is this normal?
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    Call Volume

    Still looking for my first kill. Had a bobcat come in right at first of season, but spooked it when my remote fell off my lap. I guess they don't like that sound, lol. I have since made a braided lanyard for my remote so that won't happen again. Learn by our mistakes, right?
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    Call Volume

    I try to listen for an echo, and turn it down if I hear one. I know I am hunting "used" ground. I have seen tracks in mine returning to the truck and had them barking at me last weekend. I figure the iced over snow had something to do with that, I am an XXL guy and sounded like an elephant...
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    Call Volume

    I am hunting on open ridge fields with deep wooded hollows around. I have a Primos Turbo Dogg. How loud should I be calling? Have seen signs of coyotes but not seen any during calling. New to this, but already addicted!
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    Which decoy would be better, Mojo spinner or Primos Quiver Rabbit?
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    cumberland river boats

    What is the smallest boat you would fish on the Cumberland? I have a 10' john boat with trolling motor only and would like to try for some trout on the fly rod there. I was wondering because I saw a couple of youtube vids of people fishing out of ?? kyacks?? there.
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    Coyote HB60 update

    No that is not correct, the night hunting season will be from 2/1 through 5/31 according to the fish and wildlife article in our local newspaper yesterday
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    Coyote HB60 update

    If it becomes law, it goes into effect 90 days after the end of the legislative session in which it becomes law, too late oft this year since the night season is 2/1 thru 5/31 only.
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    Favorite mouth call

    Cane Creek "Mr. Death"
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    Fisrst one of 2012

    Here is my first one of 2012 gotten Sunday after church. Just now getting pics downloaded from phone. Called him 1.5 hours Saturday, but had bad setup and no decoy, he just wouldn't come in. Sunday, he was gobblin' when I got home from church. I took decoy with me this time and he came right...
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    Mid day hunting

    How good is mid day hunting for coyotes. I seem to only be able to get out through the middle of the day so I have not tried, afraid to "educate" the local dogs.

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