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    Quail Johnny House

    Yeah, it worked well for me for years, but I just don't run my dog anymore.
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    Quail Johnny House

    You can use it however you like if you buy it.
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    Quail Johnny House

    4'x6' Johnny House It's in good shape, it just needs the return door replaced. $200
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    Caribbean Vacation

    I'm trying to plan a vacation to somewhere in the Caribbean other than the Bahamas to a all inclusive family resort. I've been researching but have found lots of ultra cheap deals that I'm leary of. Does anyone have any advice on where to go or trusted travel agents that specialize in this area?
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    The do all rifle caliber

    Another vote for the .308. I have quite a few calibers, and the .308 is the favorite. From short range to long it is more than adequate for most situations. I have 3, 2 long range set ups and one sporter weight. They don't have much recoil and the sectional density is higher than the smaller...
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    .257 Roberts v .243, .260 Rem, 7mm-08

    I don't own one yet, but plan to re-barrel one of my rifles to a 6.5 of some flavor for my next project. However, I've seen quite a few of them at some of the long range shoots I've been on, and they seem to do very well at distance. High BC bullets with a high velocity makes for a nice long...
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    WTB UK Basketball Tickets

    Hey Guys, It's been quite sometime since I've posted, I've been very busy since I went back to school... Anyway, I've never purchased UK basketball tickets and was in for a big surprise when I looked into it. Surprise number one was the costs, and number two was the ability to find 4 contiguous...
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    Electric Wheel Chair Lift

    My parents are in need of an electric wheel chair lift. The kind that will fit into a 2" receiver. I know they can be quite expensive and don't want to make a decision on any particular one with out knowing a little more about the products. Has anyone here had any experience with one and...
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    Son's First Deer

    My youngest son got his first deer last weekend, and I had a little fun with the pic. I told him that I was looking through the pics and look what I saw sneaking up behind us... He didn't miss a beat and told me what app I used to doctor the photo. Can't get much past kids and technology...
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    Why do people not field dress their deer?

    I don't filed dress the deer much anymore unless I can't skin and quarter it quickly. We usually just hang them by the back legs skin them and then make a small cut in the lower stomach area to remove the tender loins. Works for me... The only purpose it serves is not having to field dress the...
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    Bentley's Taxidermy in Mount Eden

    Finally found his card that he gave me, tucked away in a drawer that I hadn't thought to look. Called him and am picking it up tomorrow!
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    Bentley's Taxidermy in Mount Eden

    Yes I believe so....
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    Bentley's Taxidermy in Mount Eden

    That's what I'll have to do.
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    Bentley's Taxidermy in Mount Eden

    Too bad, he has my sons buck from last year, and I can't get ahold of him. I hope he's still in business.
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    Bentley's Taxidermy in Mount Eden

    Does anyone have contact info for Bentley's Taxidermy in Mt. Eden, KY? The numbers I have no longer work.

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