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  • Hey Sam, do you have room to take on another cow hunter in zone 3. I am trying to get away from work by the middle of the week.
    It occured to me, after the fact, that your season ain't near over yet! I was thinking bulls, of course, but you probably have more cow clients than bulls??
    At any rate, good luck on the BALANCE of the season.
    Hey Sam,
    Hope you had a good season in the guide business. Did the assignment of zones slow you down any? Killed a pretty good goat in Colorado during the time that all of your business was going on. Since I have risen to the rank of a senior citizen, 100 lb goats are infinitely easier to get into the back of my little SUV, solo, than messing with one of your big deer! lol
    One of my best buddies(age 72) had his companion flake out on him on his Colorado elk trip, so he went by himself, and only saw one elk the entire time that he was out there. However, it was a 5 X 5 which commited suicide with the help of my friend. So I suppose the moral is, as long as you can walk, you're never too old, and all you have to see is one elk!
    At any rate, haven't hollered at you in a while and I hope that you and your family are having blessed lives. Someday, maybe the stars will once again align so's I can hunt with you again. As an afterthought, I don't know if you remember the fellow that was with me when I hunted with you, Ken Stumpenhorst? Ken killed a Colorado cow with a bow at 13 yards. Another testimony for old Tennessee hunters.
    Mo Pledger
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