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  • 10-4, the TIDE manhandled Florida. If the defence keeps the up the tempo they showed up with on Florida and Richardson keeps doing what he is doing, we should be sitting in one of the National Champion slots. The secondary is what scares me, everyone has had somewhat successful passing attempts on the db's. They tend to go for the big hit and not the safe coverage, also we always stunt a corner or safety, leaving one of the linebackers covered up on a eligible receiver. I also hate how Saban plays "safe", if we have a 4th and one in the red zone, go for it, hate to settle for a field goal. Just hope they thump Vandy this week without anyone getting hurt.
    Just saw your message.

    RTR! Bama sure looked good this weekend against the Gators! Nov. 5 will be the tell-all for sure!
    No, the one I killed was a different one. The one on the trail cam only came through before it got close to being daylight and it was in another area.
    I took a doe while hunting with a 10 year old boy ,first time hunter,i think he is hooked .I had as much fun as him,I took him to the menonites and the whole nine yards.It was cool.I heard about Kilburns deer,but seen no pics.if you do any good send pics [email protected] good luck
    BlueGrass was so windy today and the full mood didn't help either. Saw one little six pointer and that was it. Kilburn had three shooters come in behind him and couldn't get a shot. He said one was a ten and was about four inches outside his ears. The guides said a good 12pt. was killed, but didn't know how big it was. We saw four good ones Friday night, two were twin eights and the other two were freeking monsters. One didn't give a a good chance to see how big he really was. The other didn't give a care if we were there or not, he was a "pig". That deer looked like a deer oyt of Rack Magazine. I am going to sleep-in the morning and then go out about 4:30 or 5 pm. Good luck.
    I was going to put my stand up yesterday, but I got in the woods to late. I did see six gobblers on my way. I dropped my stand and some more stuff and packed my climbing stick, straps and camera. i put my camera up and covered my climbing sticks up. I am going back Saturday to put the stand up. I am going to hunt Monday weather permitting.
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