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    Remington 700 mountain rifle. SOLD THANK YOU!

    Sold! Hope you enjoy your new rifle Brad!
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    Remington 700 mountain rifle. SOLD THANK YOU!

    700 mountain version. Detachable box magazine. Nikon glass Leather shooting strap Butler creek flip caps 7mm08 Great condition turn key deer outfit. 600 dollars firm Fisherville Elk creek Louisville David 502-664-8143 I can’t get pics to load. Send me a text and I’ll send pics
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    Gorilla lives matter!

    My power 4 of blame regarding the dead gorilla in Cincinnati. #1-The zoo. You have acres of dangerous animals and your charging people money to see them. You already know people are stupid and MANY of these stupid people have children. Hellooo..make the gorilla enclosure IMPOSSIBLE to enter by...
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    Big Green Egg owners

    No experience with either but look into Vision Grills.Just as good and alot cheaper.I absolutelylove mine.I got mine at Sams,display model end of season for 380.00.Normally 549.00.Home Depot also sells them.
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    Barren River Lake - Bailey's or State Park Campground

    Smash,I prefer Baileys point with The Narrows a close second.I've been to both numerous times.I've never been to the state park.
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    My first bow back.

    Whitetail 2 for me!
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    Pete Rose denied reinstatement into baseball........again

    Hell if he'd murdered Bart Giomatti he would be out of prison by now. Baseball takes itself way to seriously. I'm biased tho.
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    Where do I get started?

    I would set some parameters for myself regarding the shots I would take. Whatever you feel comfortable at yardage wise at broadside unaware deer. If I had to shoot a deer this week on my property I would be hunting over a corn pile. It legal and theirs nothing wrong with it. In my opinion...
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    country eggs

    I read this somewhere recently,not sure where.It said an egg left on the counter for 1 day has aged the same as a egg in the fridge 1 week.I dont know if this is true i read it on one of my chicken sites.
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    country eggs

    A long time... Did you know eggs at the grocery can be up to 30 days old before they even make it to the store? You can do the float test ,if it floats its bad,if it sinks its still good.
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    300 lbs of whole corn for deer

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    300 lbs of whole corn for deer

    Hey guys,i have 6 50lb bags of corn from tractor supply.My dear mother is having some health issues and my late muzzleloader season is not happening.It cost me 6 something a bag.I want 20 bucks for all.If you are young or in a bad way you can have it for free.It's currently in my work garage in...
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    Same buck?

    imma say yes.Good one by the way!
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    Slick Tricked! Buck

    Heck,I would have shot him opening day!Good job!