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    Prayers for my brother, Wyatt

    Prayers sent
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    Wonder what that would do if sprayed on my hounds?
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    I was in somerset last week and had one buried in my side and two more on me crawling. I hate those things
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    Mount is complete.

    Where is this taxidermist?
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    Plowed fields

    It is for arrow heads. A lot of people find a lot every year.
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    Plowed fields

    If you ever get to New York I have a field that’s a mile long and 400 yards wide you can find all the arrow heads you want.
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    Help with this cat?

    Haha. I wish we had big cats. I would love to run them with my hounds
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    Prayers sent for the little guy
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    Need some prayers for C.W

    Prayers sent
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    Prayers for T-bone

    Prayers for t bone
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    Monkeys in a wreck

    This was only about an hour from my house here in Pa
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    Thanks everyone. And so glad to hear David is doing better.
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    Thanks for the prayers everyone but unfortunately he passed on Friday
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    Off season Hobbies

    That’s what we do after deer season, run the dogs non stop on cats
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    Off season Hobbies

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