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    Teal Time Greatest Hits Video

    Thanks!! Enjoyed it.
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    Damn it was hot

    Miserable but fun. Night time is manageable.
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    El Oso agujero

    Build the wall!!
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    Is It Just Me?

    Ha, Bobby Garland has good baits. Monkey milk & electric chicken my favorites, been doing pretty good the last couple weeks on crappie.
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    Thanks Everybody

    Good to hear from you. Enjoy your post as you are the most informative & positive poster on this site. Take care buddy.
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    Turkey Population

    Last 5 or so years it has really dropped off for us. This year terrible, few gobbles & only thing coming in to decoys & calling is coyotes. We need to punch those things in Shelby county.
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    Particular who you hunt with?

    Don't mind much who I hunt with. Hunted with 100s & always a few goofballs. Safety is my main concern, don't care if they can't call or tell a teal from a pintail.
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    Where is all the geese

    A 100 geese or a duck?? For me i will take 1 goose over 1 duck.
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    Where is all the geese

    300 to 500 miles north.
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    Old bows

    Grago, migrators & motels ring a bell??
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    21/22 Super Thread

    Think I will crappie fish this week, wait till some cold weather comes then give the birds a try.
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    Ballard or boatwright

    Well crappie are slow right now.
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    21/22 Super Thread

    Y'all are both very fortunate to hunt with your dads. Mine never hunted but when I was young, he would take me & pick me up when I was too young to drive. He knew a lot of people & always made sure I had places to hunt & fish.
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    Bad news??

    Snows & specks seem to be up if anyone hunts them.
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    21/22 Super Thread

    I'll be out trying them come January

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