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  1. rlb165 liked JDMiller's post in the thread Grandsons 1st Birthday !!.

    A year ago today me & my better half had spent the night at Jenny Stewart hospital awaiting the arrival of this little guy. By 7am... we...

    E0EB1E6E-39C6-48C7-A1F2-5D79054A7F9B.jpeg 6694DE1F-94FB-4298-9B2A-1BD3C9EEECB8.jpeg CB59ED29-C201-4932-A72D-866F0D8DF8F8.jpeg 0AFACFEE-E65C-4B1A-B562-1EF65490BDA7.jpeg C77B4561-4F9C-4323-8803-E395B225E42B.jpeg BB0120F1-D2CD-440F-9F94-A0E5E8BCD888.jpeg Jun 30, 2020 at 8:12 AM
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