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    Seating advice

    I bought my father a seat a few years ago that straps to a tree. He doesn't leave his truck without it. It definately keep him in the woods longer and he has shot a few from it.
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    Dog Allergies

    I have a Brittany that has allergies that occur mostly in the fall. He chews on his side a little come fall and then the rest of the year he is fine. He doesn't really hurt himself other than discolor his fur a little, so I usually let him go. As for the food, I feed him Eukanuba and have...
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    Ohio Muzzleloader Hunt

    I will be in the woods bright and early Monday morning. Planning on hunting at least three of the 4 days if need be. I will be hunting in Clermont county.
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    bucks already losing racks?

    I took what I thought was a doe last year in Ohio's late muzzleloading season that ended up being a buck. I am guessing it dropped its antlers the night before because there was still blood on the top of its head. I figured it dropped its antlers early because it looked like it had been shot...
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    Ohio Deer Gun

    I will be heading up Friday night for a weekend hunt in southwest Ohio. Don't have any vaction left to hunt more. Our office is shut down the week after Christmas so I will be hunting the late muzzleloading season in Ohio if I don't get one this weekend. Good luck to all.
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    Got my first deer!!

    I got my first deer this past Sunday in Ohio's muzzleloading season[:D]. I took what I thought was a nice doe but after it was down I found out that it was a buck that had dropped its antlers the day or night before. (The spots on its head were still bloody). Either way, it was a nice deer and...
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    What did yall get for christmas???

    I got a new Gerber knife and sharpener which I took out and got dirty on my first buck Sunday morning. I took the buck in Ohio's late muzzleloader season.
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    bird hunting

    Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully, the dog will find a few.
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    bird hunting

    I actually have some time to get in the woods and do some hunting this weekend. I was thinking about taking my Brittany up to Kleber. Are there any birds up that way? I don't want to travel too far from the house. The dog has done decent on some pheasants in Ohio this year. I was just...
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    $50.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    Sign me up. Thanks.
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    Christmas gift giveaway!

    Count me in. Thanks
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    bird hunting

    I am new to hunting in Kentucky and was wondering about public land around Lexington. I am looking for decent places to hunt grouse or quail. I have a brittany and want to take him out this weeknd to see what he can do.

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