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    Water Clarity on Cave Run Lake!

    Hey guys I was going to try to make a trip to Cave Run Lake Monday. I was just wondering what the water clarity was like? Is it muddy,stained, or clear? Thanks I appreciate it.
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    Whitetail Weight

    let me guess Jughead, that 300 lb deer you saw was getting chased by a cheetah or something there in Knott County? I am going to have to make a trip there. The way you make it sound, it is a zoo. :rolleyes:
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    First Buck Bow Kill - 10pt

    congrats nice deer
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    My 2009 Archery Harvest (pics included)

    wow nicee buck congrats
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    My 2009 Velvet Buck

    Nice lookin mount. I love the bear mounts you have also. Nice deer!
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    Monster buck down and i mean monster!!!!

    That is huge. Congrats
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    My first BOW buck

    congrats nice buck
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    Ohio Bow Buck

    nice buck..congrats
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    My first bowkill - doe

    Congrats on the first bow kill
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    Got one tonight

    Congrats nice buck
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    Found Him!!

    Congrats! Nice buck
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    Been a long day and gonna be a long night...

    Good luck hope you find him
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    Eastern Ky. Bucks!!

    wow that is amazing:)
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    Pike County STUD!!!!!

    wow nice buck
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    Deer hunting poachers with game camera

    Hope you find out who it is!

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