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  • Hey there You having any luck I killed a BIG 6 wed morning pic is posted on deer hunting forum
    Hey there not sure if you remember me but we talked about trading hunts this summer you here for deer me there for bear You decided lewis county was to far to come Isaw your bear earlier nice animal Just wondering if you were still headed to the other spot up here you found Also i have some pics in the trail cam forum of some decent bucks a 10 and 8 that are pretty average deer for here and on the farm i was gonna have you hunt If interested for next year we might be able to work something out Good luck if you come up to ky
    No, I'm on my own. Just love the AP pattern. I film my own hunts just for the fun and challenge of it.
    hey just curious are you with team realtree...and if so how do you get them to come up and film a hunt....just wandering
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