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  • Where is unit 1 at?? I'm not too familiar with it. I'll check with dad though, he'd probably know someone.
    Will check on 6c for you. We have a 3D shoot in august if you can make it at Fern Creek. Offer still stands. No, did not get the tactical model.....LOL. Went with an Excaliber, did some research, buddy of mine sells them, seems like they are the "hunters" crossbow. All the bells and whistles and still alot less then a ten point. I should get it this week sometime. Was out of town at one of leadership team meetings.........in Omaha of all places. Got back in late last night due to the weather........gotta love traveling..NOT
    Yep I got 6c. I'd like to go take a look in 2 weeks. I am slammed busy this weekend, but next I might try it. I definitely need to get down there and get my bearings at a minimum. Thanks a lot for the info and asking your buddys friend.

    How you like that crossbow? You get one of those PSE Tactical models? hehe
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