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    Who we going to war with first

    Yet another war made by old rich men that poorer young men will die and suffer. Sincere prayers for peace.
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    cbs blackout..........

    I chatted with Dish to voice my displeasure and all I was offered was a five dollar credit. We may be out of range for an antenna, IDK. The subject wasn't brought up. That sounds like a good idea to at least check out.
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    Ideas for Father and Son Camp out...

    Primitive fire starting training can be interesting, corn hole board competition, show the kids how to make a simple hammock.
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    32 year annivesary

    Congratulations. The first thirty years are the hardest. :-) after that you really know your spouse and it's all smooth sailing. Seriously.
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    Hammock camping?

    Was it a Papa Smurf hammock?
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    Dry, cracked hands in winter

    When mine have gotten really bad in the past I would slather on a moisturizing lotion of choice after showering and then put on a cheap pair of new clean cotton gloves to sleep in. Drinks lots of fluids.There is a noticeable improvement the next morning.
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    fourwheeler trails Here is a list of possibilities. Scroll thru and I'm sure there is location that will work for you.
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    Best childhood Christmas memory

    My best childhood Christmas memory would have to be the year I received my very first pocket knife. Dad had hung them on the Christmas tree like an ornaments. There were three identical pocket knives. One for my big brother, one for our older cousin and one for me. He marked each one with 1,2,3...
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    any extra prayers would be greatly appreated.

    Prayers for strength. Say and share all the "I love you" that you can during the time you are blessed with. Time spent with those you love is precious.
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    Anyone else get one of these from the state

    Thanks for your service! You should frame that and display it.
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    what is wrong with people?

    I agree !!! It's a shame to see a buck head removed and then the huge carcass dumped at an out of the way location to rot. Water access on Green River Lake at the Plum Point Rd. is where I viewed this very problem a few days ago. So wasteful!
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    well they are in tn now

    Where are these flea markets?? All I ever see at these places are big bags of socks. I've never seen cougar cubs for sale.
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    Water cans....why not recycle

    I simply drink the wine and when it's empty wash it out with water. I don't really unseal them, but use a very small stream of water from the sink to refill thru the spicket the wine came out of. It can be time consuming but not difficult at all. Those bladders are tough. I usually store them in...
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    Mammoth Cave

    But to be clear, Green River Ferry near the Visitor Center is still operating. Or at least it was the last time I was there.
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    For those who have been following my friend's son's illness... the fight is over....

    I am so sorry. Prayers sent for comfort.