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  • Hey Raven, I planned on putting that video on here, but been havin trouble getting it on my computer for some reason. I'll figure it out though, and post it.

    Have you been hunting any on the place you got by the forest. If so, how have you been doing. I'm only seeing a few doe over here so far. It should start heating up in the next week or so.

    Thanks Raven, Sorry so long getting back to you. The mount should be ready by Christmas, what a nice present that will be! Wasn't that sunset perfect?
    Hey Raven,I send you a e-mail on the Bigbuck board. Anyway this is LittleJohn and need you to fixed team 3 a banner. The title would be THE SMACK THEM AND WHACK THEM CREW. If you can come up with something be most appreciated. You can posted it on team 3 board. Thank you.
    John Parsons
    Hey I seen in your signature you have an animated logo with your team name.Did you make that? Or did someone else?
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