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  • I have the stand on ebay. Item# 250497635618
    I have free shipping so bid, and I hope you get it. It is too late to end the auction because I already have 4 bids on it. If you need anything let me know. If you win the auction I will ship out the next day and usually you will get it sometime in a day or so.

    Thanks Fellow Blood Brother!!!
    Hey its Curt just thought i would reply been in daytona with the fam for a couple of weeks,had a blast !But now its back to work & dreaming of opening day .Ive been shooting almost every other day practing for compition meets .I love this sport archery is a second pass time for me.
    We need to hook up one evening when where both off & shoot a little ,(SEE HOW GOOD U REALLY ARE )lol.
    u CAN SHOW ME A COUPLE OF POINTERS & I can show u how too waterfowl hunt.
    If u need any help this summer with hay or whatever holler @ me ill be more than happy to help . Let me know something about lbl or taylorsville id love too go with someone diff.
    In conclusion im going to befriend u on here so well keep in touch see ya later! CURT BAILEY @BELLSOUTH.NET
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