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    I quit watching celebrity hunting a long time ago, I did however get the bug and watched a few several months back and noticed these guys were hardly ever getting complete pass throughs like they used to, and quickly noticed they all use mechanicals.
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    Single pin sight keep it simple

    Single pin is the way to go for me. If I miss, Its all on me, not the wrong pin
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    ok, Ive been off the internet world of bowhunting for quite some time now, recently Ive been interested in another form of archery and have noticed a “new” trend. Whats up with this new fascination of FOC??? Ive bowhunted for 30 years or better and have known, as Im sure most of you veterans...
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    SOLD Tracker 1436 SOLD

    2006 Tracker Topper 1436, Yacht Club trailer, has removable plywood floor, marine carpet, comes with two 3gal fuel tanks, marine battery, 36lb minn kota trolling motor, 2 anchors, paddle, lowrance fish/depth finder. Motor is 92 mercury 9.9 two stroke with electric start and runs good. Clear KY...
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    Oysters mothaload

    Currently, if its not a morel I wont chance it! I cant rely on pics, not even in books. I need to see the real deal, Noones ever shown me oysters or hens so I dont even bother with them. Thats really unfortunate though because a couple years ago I found a ton of what I think were oysters on a...
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    anyone own a Rhino or Wolverine? Im buying used, was initially looking at the Rhino, theyre bullet proof and have stood the test of time. Then the Wolverine caught my eye, but after seeing oil consumption and smoking issues with the Wolverine Im a bit reluctant shelling out the cash for one.
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    Nolin White Bass

    Im wanting to take my two girls down there this weekend if theyre running, may go to Salt River instead, heard theyre turning on up there
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    Crawfish trapping?

    I have a trap that I bought several years ago from a guy named Terry Bullard out of Oregon or Washington..dont remember which, I wont post a link but you can search him. Nice looking traps and appear to be escape proof(?) Ive only used it once with no luck, I think its because it was late summer...
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    Pentail, got a question....Your Venison Salisbury steak recipe on Timber to Table, Is the egg...

    Pentail, got a question....Your Venison Salisbury steak recipe on Timber to Table, Is the egg enough to hold it together?? Reaso I ask, I dont add fat to my venison when grinding
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    What’s everyone’s favorite climbing stand?

    I just retired my Loggy. With me and gear im pushing the weight limit so I broke down and bought the Treewalker. Havent really used it yet to form user opinion but it seems like real good stand out of the box, and its had really good reviews
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    Electric meat grinder

    Mostly deer maybe pork sausage occasionally, I bit the bullet and bought the carnivore 3/4, maybe more than enough, but like a gun, better to have and not need... Thanks for the input
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    Electric meat grinder

    Im looking to buy one, any suggestions?
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    2016-2017 Ft. Knox question and answer thread

    Yes I hunted both days. Going by map and google earth i wanted to get down in one of the hollers expecting a push from you guys and guys on top. Couldnt scout and once it got light and saw the obvious I said there aint no way Im going down in there! There were 11 of us signed in on 86a, myself...
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    2016-2017 Ft. Knox question and answer thread

    Im taking a chance on 86A, it and 87 have only been open a couple days in Oct. from what I could tell. For future reference,How can you find out what areas are "non lottery"? Good luck to everyone!
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    2016-2017 Ft. Knox question and answer thread

    Any of you fellers familiar with the areas between yano and cedar creek?