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  • Hello, I have an antlerless firearm elk tag for the January 7 week for the At Large area. I was wondering what the price would be for an elk hunt with the 30% discount that you guys are offering. Thanks!
    Haven't seen any posts from you yet this year. I'm on a buck that could be a 155". Can't wait for the 3rd to get here.
    How's your dad doing? I guess he's getting them squirrel dogs ready. Give me a shout.
    Tony Dempsey
    Not much. Computer has been down and to much hunting to take the time to fix. Will post more elk pics later. Another bull or two and some cow bow hunts. It's been a good year for me as far as elk but the deer are winning at this point. I guess I need to come back to the real world and shoot me a 130 class. Lol!!!!
    Wish I could draw a tag! Been putting in every year and not a smell. Aggravating that they don't go to a points system and put those that have been drawn back to zero. Good luck hunting. Take care.

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