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    New Mexico Antelope Hunt

    Wish you all the best enjoy and be safe God bless
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    RA/unit results

    I’ve seen that You have helped Several people in the past years I want to thank you for that
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    RA/unit results

    I got unit 6. For cow 1. Don’t have a clue all the property that was open last year is now tug fork. Hopefully I can find something.
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    Bless again

    If I were you I’d feel very much the same way. I don’t know how I have been blessed so much or those others that have gone multiples like myself I’ve been blessed to do so I just know that drawing is legit just wish there was a way of making it so more people could be drawn I truly hope that’s...
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    Party draw for hunting unit

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    Party draw for hunting unit

    I’m looking for anyone interested in creating a party for unit draw. 5 people can put in together one gets drawn all get drawn. Let’s work together for a better odds.
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    Husband and Wife or Get Drawn For Bull!?!?!?

    I have as of this year been drawn for three tags my wife was drawing a couple years ago for a cow tag unfortunately flew for her and I prevented her hunt I am just a nobody who knows nobody just been very very blessed I can’t tell you how bad I feel for those for trying every year and don’t get...
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    Bless again

    Drew Bulls in 2009 and 2015 now 2022 I get to go For the best meat in the world I am truly a blessed man
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    Czar area

    It was where I got y fist bull back in 2009. Great place to hunt. Some really nice elk there
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    Best of luck. Stay safe.

    Wishing all the best this weekend Stay safe God bless
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    How many make venison ham or pastrami

    I quick cure my venison add some spices brown sugar and coriander to make pastrami. It is really delicious. You can find recipes on line.
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    Chorizo, anyone make their own?

    I make Charisse from Portugal made with chunks of pork I also use venison same spices delicious like it much better than chorizo
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    Tuna time

    I will try to explain the trip as best I can. We drive as many together as possible. Saves on cost overall we stay rent a mobile home 3 bedroom 2bath $125 100 cleaning. Bring food cook ourselves. $500 each for day fishing off shore. So if we just go for tuna and wahoo trip...
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    Tuna time

    I’m thinking of going to Venice la for Yellow fin tuna and wahoo in February. Is anyone interested. I can pm all the details. I love this trip every year and it’s a fun way to make new friends

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