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    Kentucky derby

    I’ve never lost a bet on a horse.
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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    Anybody else see a face in that disc?
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    Bought my boys some new STAN ONNEX releases

    I have a Carter resistance release. It helped me.
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    Stomach bug????

    My son and I just got over it. Took about 24-36 hours to get over it. It was bad.
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    Predator control tonight

    Lookin good on the wood
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    Training for shed dog I don’t know how good they work but you might try this.
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    Just lost power here in Henderson co. Lots of ice out there. Looks like nearly half an inch in places.
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    Looking for hunting and fishing friends

    Go to some of your WMA’s right now and do a little shed hunting and get to know the lay of the land. Shoot some squirrels while you’re at it.
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    Weird names for animals/Old timey names for animals

    On trail cameras: House cat=panther Black house cat=black panther
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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    I like the UNC and Duke birdhouses with the UK hat.
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    Favorite Movies

    Lonesome Dove.
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    Most hated food?

    I love buttermilk as an ingredient but I can not drink it. Loved it as a kid but it makes me gag now.
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    Need a good trapper
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    Range Finder

    Vortex ranger

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