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  • I will keep my eyes open for a pup. might know someone with one, I will check. sounds good on MO, what part. I have hunted a bunch around Sikeston.
    Hey Curt!
    Just now found you're PM to me. (i'm not too observant ,its 2 months old !)
    Yeah, we need to get together, sounds like fun.
    NOTHING they kept hanging up around sixty yards only had about five good birds working. It was great just too see them come in the way they did. Any plans for archery ?Im going fri. to hang my stand & put trailcam out .I hunt down bohon what about u?
    yea, killed a jake but thats all. called in alot of gobblers for my cousin hoping he would get one so i could shoot another but he never could get a shot off. How bout u
    Hey man i noticed u where from mercer and so am i. Just wantin to know who ya r. Im Trey my dads ronnie compton maybe u know him he was the county clerk.
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