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  • Palegroe, I don't know a whole lot of history about the .30-06, but I do know that if you go to a store and look at the .30-06 offerings vs. the .308 offerings, you'll find there are a lot more choices in .30-06. For example, Federal offers 20 .30-06 cartridges and only 16 .308; Remington offers 9 different Core-lokt .30-06 cartridges but only 2 .308's. So, given that the .30-06 is so popular in the marketplace and is about 50 years older, I'd say the .30 caliber bullet choices is due more to the .30-06 than the.308. That's not saying the.308 is not a fine caliber, just that the .30-06 is more popular.
    Ha ptbrauch whats up I'm always wanting to learn more about the 30-06 and the 308 most of my readings say that the military didn't do much experamenting with the round untill later in vietnam when they actually started a sniper unit and held onto it and started searching for a dedicated weapon and went with the 30-06 different branches went with different model and brand guns but then wanted something different so then the 7.62X51mm was developed and the hole 30 cal as a "sniper round" took off. I would really like to know more about the 30-06 and its begings but most of the writers kinda tend to leave it out and just start at were the 308 took off. Maybe you can school me a little cause i love the information. Thanks Palegroe
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