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    Need snake boot advice

    Another vote for Rocky. Probably some better boots on the market but for the money they work well. I turkey hunt and chase elk with them and they never have leaked or caused blisters.
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    Whitley County Elk question

    I live in Whitley co and it is rare that I hear of any. At most 2 or 3 sightings a year and usually its a young bull that has been kicked from the herd. Last I heard of any was a young bull hanging around in Woodbine south of Corbin.
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    When do you start.

    1995, got my first one in '96. Last season is the first since 96 that I didn't kill at least one but I was ill most of the season and only hunted twice.
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    Turkey Vacation Help

    Agree 100% Flip a coin.
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    Bowfishing Help Needed!

    AMS kits come with a video but I've not watched it so I'm not sure if it is instructional. You could give them a call and ask.
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    Need some advice on a Bitzenburger

    Been using a Bitz for 20 years and all you will need is the two different clamps.
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    Very interesting.
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    In search of campground in straight creek.

    There is a campground on the main haul road on Big Run when you get on top. It depends on if they are mining to get there from 1780. Best way is off Big Run at the Harlan, Bell Co. line off 221.
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    Are you all counting the landowner and commish tags too? I know of two landowner tags that have been filled.
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    Lost Mountain Outfitters laying them down

    That's awesome. Congrats!!!!
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    tag filled. great experience

    Congrats. Nice looking bull.
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    I know, it's a stupid question.. but....

    Very, very few.
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    Graduation Gift

    Yeah, the ones that went for $5000 two years ago sold out for $7000 this year. I know one tag went for $4500 this year but its not a great area.
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    Graduation Gift

    You could also purchase a Kentucky landowner tag. Bull tags usually go between $4,500 to $10,000.
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    Landowner tags.

    I turkey hunt and deer hunt on a couple of the wma's that are open because of the landowner elk tags. Great places to hunt that don't get much pressure. Gun hunted opening weekend of deer modern firearm season and only seen 3 or 4 other hunters all day.

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