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  • I would have told you sooner but I couldn't think of the specific brand. But, I also get them in bulk under triple threat brand from my supplier. Sorry
    Probably not on Rough, four or five of us try to do the Rough trip every Spring to crappie fish and stay at the cabin. I will be fishing Barren hard the rest of the spawn. 3 of us went this past Monday and caught 38. All keepers with 1 almost 15 inches and 7 more over 13. We never caught a throw back! Good Luck where ever you fish.
    It would figure that when I decide to go they wouldnt hit very good. I can see the potential though. Are you going back anyway soon? If you do let me know how you do. Thanks for your help
    I went to rough river lake today and the crappie was'nt biteing. We put in at axtel and fished all the way to northfork. Talked with a guy who said he had caught about 250 the last 3 evenings. Looks like they would have been biteing. We might have caught 10. We trolled the banks and cast with the roadrunner and tried a few other things including minnows with no luck. As far as I know nobody was catching any.
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