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    Good to see you on here. Jason

    Good to see you on here. Jason
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    10/22 question

    I only have one and have never shoot it so I can't say personaly how one shoots but I have always heard both extremes. I have a buddy that has a tactical solutions 10/22 he spents about $800 bucks on and it shoots like crap he sent it back and they decided there was something wrong with the...
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    Heritage revolvers

    My brother has had one for about 15 years and we have carried it all over crittenden county hunting, plinking and everything else and never had a problem one out of it. Back when he bought it they were only about 90-100 bucks. We have woar the bluing off of it but I would say that is exspected...
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    First shots with my new rifle (Savage 93V 22 WMR)

    Looks like it will shoot pretty good. I bought the same gun but in the camo that came with the camo scope it will hold about a 1.5 moa group at 100 yrds with the remington ballistic tips. I'm pretty happy with mine accept for the way the magazine feels when you put it in but it is getting...
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    Rainy Morning Coyote

    Congrats and thanks for the story and letting us exsperience it with you.
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    Newest Addition

    I've never been a big SS fan but really think it is buetiful with the wood that is a keeper there. Congrats Jason
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    Benchrest Shooters

    Any benchrest shooters out there? I am building a front rest and was wanting to see what everybody thought and see if there was and ideas and improvements. I'ts not done so judge lightly please. Jason
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    Charles Daly 20 Guage Semi

    A gunsmith friend of mine has started making his own they are wire edm out and are a very nice piece because you can't find them anymore he also can rebuild the charles daily to accept a remington charging handle if that has ever broke on you and you can't find one. message me and I can give...
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    Skymonkey My name is Jason and I was told to look you and your wife up about elk hunting...

    Skymonkey My name is Jason and I was told to look you and your wife up about elk hunting. Oletrapper1 had good things to say about yall. I have tons of question and try and plan a DIY hunt this year because I don't think I can afford a guided hunt. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    Out of Zone Elk Hunting

    I'm not looking to move in on anyone or even kill some world record bull or even a bull for that matter. I am an avid hunter wanting to exsperience elk hunting in my home state. I would be happy if I didn't kill anything. I know I need to put time in and earn a good animal. My hopes where to...
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    Out of Zone Elk Hunting

    A buddy and I are thinking of trying to plan an elk hunt for this fall if we get chosen in the lottery or not. If I am reading right you can hunt outside of the elk restoration zone without being chosen in the lotery. Any advice on areas public or private, time of season, anything will be much...
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    What is your favorite brass?

    Lapua, Lake City
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    mounting a scope

    I use the Wheeler kit center, lap, level. Torque to what ever the manufacture recommends. I have found it is handy to check the base or bases if you don't use a picatiny rail to make sure it is flat on top after torqueing it down. A buddy of mine went through three bases and a cracked lense...
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    The 308

    I yote hunt with a .308 occasionally. I shoot 168 HPBT and was surprised they didn't tear up a cat very bad at all I did have it mounted and the taxidermist said he was surprised at how little the hide was toar up from it. I've thought of loading some 110 or 130 and trying them but just...
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    New WMA...

    CC your last post really made since to me when you said "when is enough enough". the land in question was owned by a hardwood company that wouldn't let anyone hunt on it while they raped all the hardwood off of it then sold to what I believe was a couple of name brand firearm manufactures and...

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