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  • we waxed 3 ducks this morning, it should get better as season goes on, we may be goin tue. and wed. of next week maybe? i'll let u kno somthin comin up
    yea i can do it, all i hunt is public land there to were goin tomorow but were full but next time i'll let u know
    Plan that hunt for sometime in december and we can work something out. As for hte maps you will have to go to the LBL website and print out a road and zone map from there. They no longer hand those out for free any more. Or you can order one of the new maps they sell which have zone and topo together on them for 3 dollars. DECEMBER IS SHOTGUN AND RIMFIRE up there. Shotgun will be fine. Jimmie
    It depends on the area you hunt. In some places there will be rifle shots. But if you work the calls right and be patient that shotgun will fill the bill quite nicely. Jimmie
    Cabin A2 is mine and a3 is richards. That's where everyone meets at night. First two cabins you come too as you enter the camping area. A1 is a spot for a camper. Porta pot right across the road ;-)

    You will get to meet several who are very experienced besides myself and Ed. They all but eat sleep and drink coyote. Jimmie
    The majority of us will be staying section "A" at Wranglers Campground. They have electric at the sites. The individual water spickets may be turned off fro the winter, but they have a central water spicket on for drinking water. The restroom is heated and there's hot showers. We'll be looking for you.
    Your more than welcome to show up and do just that. I have some fellows there that have been at it much longer than I have. Even the making of a couple of eastern videos were inspired by this hunt. No competition. It is about making friends and learning from them. And you will find many very willing to show you what they do. Jimmie
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