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    Orange army deer watch 2013

    Same for me in Marion Co. Bout to head down in a few and take a nap. I can't remember ever being skunked on opening morning.
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    Pleading the fifth

    I've had this happen twice in the last 10 years. Killed a deer during bow season that I'm pleased with but later having a much nicer buck walk right by. Hurts like a kick to the crotch but my conscience gets the best of me. Besides, I'd never fully get to enjoy it. Kinda like being the all...
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    Marion co giant

    Awesome buck!!! Any idea what part of the county it was taken?
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    Feild butchering a deer?

    I'll often times take a cooler with a deer hanger and rope with me. Find a good limb to throw the rope over, tie one end to hanger and one end to the front of your 4 wheeler and pull it up and have at it. I'll usually do it next to a creek to throw the carcass in. The wife doesn't complain as...
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    imperial clover help

    Don't know how much stock I would put in the long term weather forecasts but it looks like we may have a fairly early frost this year.
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    Leveling kit on your pickup?

    I have read/heard that cranking up the torsion bars makes for a rough ride and potentially leads to other issues down the road??? I am leaning towards the Rough Country kit. Appears to be fairly inexpensive and easy to install. Any experiences with these?
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    Leveling kit on your pickup?

    I know it's been a while for a post on this thread but I put in a search and found it... Anywho, I have an 07 silverado and I'm thinking about a leveling kit as well. Just wondering which brand/type you all have used or would recommend?
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    Brushing boat blind

    Just curious, I have a beavertail blind with just flat cloth. I usually brush in my blind every time I go out with whatever I can find in the area that I'm hunting. Just wanted to see what others do with similar blinds. Do you have something that is permanent or do you blind it in each hunt...
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    Complete pass thru behind the shoulder...but..

    That's incredible!!
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    Franklin county hunters??

    Movement was good this weekend. I hunt the bald knob area. Seen several does and smaller bucks on the hoof. Still haven't seen any big boys in the daylight yet.
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    Smoke pole updates.......................

    Hunted in Marion Co. this morning. Wind really picked up about 9:15. Seen one doe at 10:45 and one doe with with two fawns at 11:30. All deer were on the move. Climbed down about 12:30.
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    Quota hunt info is up

    It now says that the page is down... Anyone have an update?
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    They was all shooters!!

    Best post of the year!!
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    Cave Run

    You may want to check this out but I was thinking I heard it's illegal to hunt from the bank on Cave Run. IDK but you might want to double check just in case.

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