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  • I killed one opening week. Took my cousin and he had to chances to nail one and freaked out on me and didn't even shoot so technically I would have been tagged out had I been shooting. Been tough past two days, no chatting on the roost and just hush mouth all day. I'd say the rush is dying down. Wanna try to go this week give me a shout and we will wad up and go if you want or can before it goes out this weekend.
    we will have to go back to that place again somtime, i thought it looked like a great spot, plenty of sign of them for sure
    nothing at all, i see a ton of turkey and a couple of deer in the back fields everytime i go, the deer arive around 20 after 6 and the turkey are headed up that huge hill right off your property, they got real nice lookin beards on em!
    Heard that lab of yourn hit the water at 30 mph and could bring a tree trunk from the bottom of the lake back to the blind in a minute flat.
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