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  • Hey, I am glad she is doing good for you. I would not be able to do a pup justice right now, so I had better hold off. I should have more time in the winter to fool with a pup, so if she takes, let me know, I may get one from you. I have never been up north hunting, but they say it is awesome, hope you kill a bunch. Do you have any pics of the pups you have left. How many did she have, what colors were they, was she a good mom? Take care, Mike
    Tessa is doing great.. Had fun with her last year, but she did disappear a few times on me going back to the truck.. Those actually are her pups.. Have three left that will be 6 months old in mid October.. Was going to get in touch with you after I got their paper work, but had a problem with AKC.. I lost the transfer card you gave me shortly after getting her home.. Didn't find it to send in till after the pups were born.. New at this and didn't back date it before I sent it.. They said I couldn't register the pups that was born after the mother was transfered in my name.. Right now I have her in the pen with the father of first liter, trying it again.. Your still more than welcome to take any of these that I have.. I was going to wait and get some with papers before I got in touch with you.. If she takes, I figured mid Nov. would be the born date.. These pups come from the Bullet blood line.. Rusty Bullet is the father to the dog breeding Tessa.. The mother to this dog is Sadie.. Both can be seen on Bob's Britts website and both have Nolan's Last Bullet blood in them.. Many championships won there.. Anyway, thanks for checking up on her.. Trying to plan a trip to Wisconsin in Nov. if we can get another person to help on gas (what to get away for awhile) Hope everything is well you..
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