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  • For the time being, I am a weekend warrior. Last year we had our hours cut and I got a day during the week as well. That hasn't happened so far this year. Expecting it any time now. Give me a call at 270-994-0234. Anytime is ok. I can take calls at work. If I don't answer, I'm probably on the phone, and I will call you back shortly. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Whaddya say mc? I live in Paducah and I'm 51 yrs. old. I hunt a couple of small farms in west Mccracken co and I hunt a lot in LBL. I use centerfire (.243), rimfire (.22 mag) and a shotgun. I'm sure no expert, but I have called in a few. I was fortunate enough to get some help from jimmie in ky a few months back. He has them named up at LBL.:) I would be happy to share what I have learned. Looks/sounds like you have been hunting a good while, so you would catch on without any trouble. I have been using hand calls mostly. I have a JS attractor e-caller, but I have never had one come to it. I have been using hand calls. Plan on getting a Spitfire soon. Word of warning. Having one come to a hand call is VERY addictive. Shoot me a pm if you'd like. Happy hunting!
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