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    Duck Dynasty

    si cracks me up thunder an lightin lol
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    High water gills and crackers

    what you catchin them, on?
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    welding hoods

    i do more stainless than i do anything when im in the shop but when in the field its all 1/16 flux core wire when we have a halfway calm day or 8018 3/16 an 10018 or 9018s.i just dont like the miller hoods all of them ive been around they cant take the heat off that big wire an the big rouds...
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    welding hoods

    ive made my mind up im gonna go with the speedglas. they have shade 5,8,9-13 for grinding an cutting an with as much work as we do at the coal mines thats good so i dont have to be changeing hood an cutting an grinding sheilds all the time mine foremens an msha frown when they roll up on a job...
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    welding hoods

    ive got 18 year under my belt in the trade.ive had 2 jackson autos an got about 2 yrs use outta them a peace. i got a hobart about a year ago an its done messing up.i dont like the miller hoods when you set an burn 3/16 8018 to 10018s for 12 -14 hrs a day or 1/16th flux core they cant take the...
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    welding hoods

    what kind of hoods do you welders on here use or like the most?
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    How do you deal with your MIL's

    this is why i dont have to deal with mine they start callen an comen around i piss them off an im good for another 6 months or so
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    How many people here still use ice cube trays for your ice?

    the wife got a new fridge almost a year ago an didnt want the ice maker ann shes 27 so we have trays an most of the time use bag ice
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    What time did your kids get up?

    ours were up at 4 an we went to bed at 330 we made them wait till 6 to make the mess then me an the 13 mo.hit the recliner for a very short nap of maybe 30 min an all 4 of the kids were wide open the rest of the day
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    To all

    2004 last one i can remember.
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    How to deal with property line sitters?

    i dont care if i a bad relationship with neighbors or not.i had 1 that wanted 2 come an go as he wanted driven n the yard an what ever with what ever an didn't want us on him so if i have no neighbors im happy an when he wants 2 line set so do i an make all the noise i can
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    Marion, Ky

    if you want to fish from mt zion its really close to the ohio river an dam 50 which has lots of good fishing an then there is the trade water that is small but good fishing to from what ive herd
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    Marion, Ky

    i agree with you other than livestock market an the good bucks only come from a few parts.
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    I'm 43 years old and I'm giddy.......

    u should have put a bug n his ear not 2 get married in any hunten seasons
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    Top Deer Hunting State

    ive been from here 2 cali. an there is noway ill go past the rockies again. id prolly go 2 iowa from what ive herd its alot like here