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  • Thanks for the reply matewsq2. I know i'm gonna have to shoot the rem's to know what they'll do. Just havn't had the chance. My mag is a sav 93 also. Got it for tree rats and yotes in lbl. Have not shot a yote with it yet. I plan on staying with the hp's for the dogs. They seem to leave a lot of tore up meat where they hit!
    Whaddaya say matewsq2 ? I know you have a .22 mag and wondered if you have ever used any rem 40 gr psp in it. I have used some fiocchi jsp's but they had a very flat nose and quite a bit of exposed lead. I liked the way they worked on squirrels. The remingtons have a very pointed nose and little exposed lead. They look good, but I don't know if they will give enough "shock" to be good on squirrels. The cci hp's are a bit much!! If you only take head shots its not a big deal, but i can't say thats all i ever take! Just wondered if you have ever used the remingtons. ed
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