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    I stuck one

    smoke some more gingseng I've stuck 50
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    Anyone know "Jacked Up Outdoors" show out of Eastern KY?

    I said my bad. =sorry. Pentail has his stuff together no doubt I do know most problems come from bordline property wars, been in several myself and thats why I questioned it.
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    Anyone know "Jacked Up Outdoors" show out of Eastern KY?

    Yeah , I don't recall that .. I was going off the picture he posted that his wife took, that is now deleted... my bad
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    Anyone know "Jacked Up Outdoors" show out of Eastern KY?

    I've killed my biggest deer going deep, it's all in the approach and exit .. you were the one talking about all the time in the woods and nothing to show this year right?
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    Anyone know "Jacked Up Outdoors" show out of Eastern KY?

    Make no mistake.. I'm on your side Pentail, but... Why on earth are you hunting that close to the property line when you have wannabes right next to you? Unless you are hunting 5-10 acres of land , i'd get deep on those deer , especially if they are coming out in your field and not...
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    for attracting deer

    shoot your rifle off, several times all day long guys on my lease were doing it today, deer were running all over the place
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    What in the world is this?

    You Found Tinkerbell!!!
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    What's worse that some guy stealing???

    That kid's daddy should have been aborted
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    My Luck...

    Tainted corn will do that
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    Biggest Buck You have harvested

    Killed this one in Ky ... I mean Ohio.. uhhh I cant remember
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    it's gonna be a long season....

    You need to keep hunting in Ohio
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    luck keeps getting better

    Did you think to take the camera home and plug it in to the computer, it should have some internal memory, if they pulled the card which should activate internal memory trigger, you may have a photo of the thief.
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    Having second thoughts about passing this buck if he gives me an opportunity....

    I'd say let him walk , It's obvious you have a lot of good targets where you hunt, and that deer has great potential to blow up to something really special, as long as the hunting pressure around you isn't overlly strong. Your right , he sheds the velvet he's gonna look 10-15 inches less...
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    What a hunting buddie!!!!!

    Sounds like your buddy has found a giant or two and he doesn't want you messing up his "kill plans" I'd get some cameras of my own in there without telling him, and see what all the fuss is about.
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    Age and score please?

    135" 4 1/2 yr old

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