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  • I found my deer last week, he died the day we jumped him I'm sure, there was nothing left but his rack and skeleton, scored 152
    Does it say about how long they can live, like u said this hunter seen his buck two weeks later. I would like more info on it if you got it. Cause I can't seem to find anyone who knows this info.
    Thanks for the info

    anything I've read about a deer hit in the spleen says they will die from that wound, I have a feeling I will find him in a weird spot some time in feburary while shed hunting.
    It seems to me its a sleen shot I have only seen one other deer do that. And it lived.. its a brownish color red.... weird color indeed. If it was more then 15 hours the deer should have been dead with a liver shot, already dead with any type of gut shot. The one deer I tracked that had the same type of wound lived, the reason I know for sure it lived is the Hunter seen it with the wound two weeks later and had to tell me about it, we were. Both surprised about it, he also used the rage two blade.
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