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Oct 19, 2020 at 5:42 PM
    1. hollow_rat
      hey i am sorry about not seeing your post to me about motels.i have been taking treatments for cancer and they have thrown me for a loop this time.hope you coneected on ne by now
    2. martin moab
      martin moab
      I think the trick is just finding out where the herds are located. Do you know Jamie Johnson, hes been lookin out for me a little but he said they havent shown up at his place yet. If you happen to kill out early this weekend or happen to run across some cows you can call my cell phone at 1-270-692-8561, my names Terry, thanks alot, and good luck with your deer hunt>
    3. mudhole crossing
      mudhole crossing
      private. good luck! hope u get one! i live on hwy 899 bout 2 miles from gibson branch on kelsey drive. if it hadnt have been deer season i would have went with ya. i have permission on several tracts up there. i wish they wouldnt schedule 2 dif seasons together. again, good luck!
    4. mudhole crossing
      mudhole crossing
      someone i work with took some pics of cows on hollybush! just up the road from where ur hunting. might want to ask around up there 2! looked 2 be around 20 or so in the pic.
    5. buzzbaiter83
      I'm not sure how things are going around EHU 3, but I know here around 5 the cows are out on the hollow fields right at dark. Usually from about 5:30 - til dark. I'm not sure about morning time. They're actually pretty easy to walk up on. They usually don't run unless you get within 20 yards or so. I've stalked to within 12-15 for pictures before. I'll ask around and see if I hear anything about EHU3.
    6. mudhole crossing
      mudhole crossing
      i can show u a wma where they take alot of elk each year, but i dont know the boudaries.
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