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    Gun Smith in Murray

    Soak it with Kroil. Get a can of Kroil and keep it wet for a few days. This stuff is amazing at loosening anything rusted. MM
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    How do feel about this picture?

    No truer words have ever been spoken. I use the same line with any and all when there are guns around. From airguns to high-power, it just doesn't matter. Education is the key... MM
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    Finally!!! STOP THE SPENDING

    Thank you Sen. Bunning. I'm 100% behind him. He is standing up for us taxpayers by telling the gubmint that is it about damn time they watch their budget. We've had to raise the debt ceiling already, and we'll have to do it again in November. The result of all this debt is higher...
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    For those who ever had any doubt!!

    Coincidence...I don't think so. I am a 100% believer in ghosts and spirits...but this is neither. MM
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    Tiger trouble AGAIN? News Release * NOT a joke*

    He's an A$$hole. The quick and dirty. Got in a car accident coming out of his house at 2:30am. Said Elin had to bust car window to get him out (with golf club)...hmmmm Turns out he has been having affairs or at least doinking 10 other women. His mother-in-law was taken to the hospital...
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    Someone has too much money

    Now that you mentioned it, I've seen a red Testarossa and black and red Boxers as well. Dude in a Modena 360 scared the crap out of me when he floored it at an intersection...I thought a F15 was buzzing the tower. LOL Guy in my in-law's subdivision has a Boxer (Magnum P.I.). I've seen the...
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    How long will I be a Fawn

    Not until you cover your first doe. please correct me if I'm wrong.:rolleyes: MM
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    Someone has too much money

    That was sweet, Art. Thanks for sharing. That's definitely the Holy Grail. FWIW I've seen a Ferrari Enzo, F40 and F50 on the south side. Never seen the S7 but that would be a treat. Regards, MM
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    this is so sorry, and funny for the momentary matter

    Holy cow!! what an a$$. Nothing more to add, except... "better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt"---auth unk. MM
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    which rim fire to buy

    Are you thinking "Charger"? The Charger is the semi auto pistol based on the 1022 from Ruger. is probably the best place to ask. I have had several of each and like the 17M2. The 22mag was the worst accuracy wise, but packs the biggest punch. There are a lot of...
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    how to keep ants out of dog food??

    I've used this method, it works. We have a dog in our barn and get ants occasionally. The best way is to make a moat for the ants to die in. A large shallow tray filled with water, then the feed pail inside. We've also put a couple drops of dish detergent in the water to keep it somewhat...
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    What on earth did my son find?????

    I think it's horn coral too. Did some checking and haven't found exactly what I've got. Most of the horn corals have a wrinklie exterior...mine is very smooth. Regards, MM
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    What on earth did my son find?????

    Guys, My son was playing around our artificial wetland that is filled with washed river stone. He found this item. Can anyone help ID it? to me it looks like a partially fossilized horn from the bottom. (size is 1" long) It is very hard. Thanks, MM
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    Anybody here anodize at home?

    Guys, Looking for somebody to do a small amount of anodizing (black) of 6061 aluminum. Any idea where I could get it done? thanks, MM
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    Earth like planet found.

    Awwwwe ain't that special...on Erf Day too. ..what a waste of time and money. "Earth First...we'll hunt the other planets later" unknown MM

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