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    Gettin back in!

    He's a coon treeing machine! I let my buddy talk me into selling him to him but I regret it. I've got a 3 year old redbone male that I really like but I wish I'd kept that x-bred. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gettin back in!

    Here's a pic of him. Can't wait to get him Monday! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gettin back in!

    Well guys, after being out of coon hunting for over 20 years, I'm getting back in! When I was in high school I hunted every night, literally almost every night for years. I had a pretty dang good pair of female redbones. I loved it more than any other type of hunting and that says a lot cause I...
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    Harvest total

    Honestly, I was hoping to see the harvest go down this year, especially here in the southeast. I've seen a lot less deer this year and I know a lot of that is because of the ridiculous acorn crop this year but I really believe the herd here in Laurel Co isn't near what it was in the early...
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    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    I just don't understand some of you guys. You want the police to be more effective by doing less. You want us to be reactive instead of proactive and still be more effective. I supervise over 30 officers and if you guys can tell me how to accomplish this, I'll make it happen tomorrow! I...
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    Son kills target buck

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    Finally... Things went my way today..

    Congrats on a dandy mountain buck!! I guarantee you worked hard for him!!
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    views across the state

    Laurel Co yesterday morning.
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    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    Again, you're a little mistaken. If your are stopped at a legal traffic stop, the SCOTUS has ruled that traffic safety checkpoints are legal traffic stops, then you must produce a valid operators license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration upon request. If you pulled up to a...
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    Its been a grueling season.

    Looks like a dandy to me, congrats!!
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    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    I think you're confused about some things. What makes you think police officers are "supposed" to have a signed search warrant to conduct a traffic safety checkpoint? As a 17 year police officer, I can assure you that is absolutely not true! I can provide case law if you like. Operating a motor...
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    Kendra's first deer!

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    Day to day deer activity

    Man I think this time of year it can turn on just any minute. All it takes is one hot doe and you've got every hard tail in the hills after her. I don't have alot of confidence for this afternoon but I'm fixin to head back out anyway. Sure as I don't my camera will send me a pic of the one I'm...
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    Still a few days out

    I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the same thing. I was thinking maybe it was just on my place! LOL
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    Clay Co. Public land BBD!

    Been there many times.

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