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  • Hey, I hope this is Larry. If so, how are you all fixed for coaches this year at Science Hill? Both my girls will be playing one 8-9 and the other'n is 14. Both want me to coach them, but I don't know how you all are in the way of coaches. Please don't tell him this, but I don't really want to coach with the guy I did last year as he's too critical of the girls and expects too much out of too little talent. We/he drafted girls who were "friends" last year and that was great, except he shouldn't have expected to beat anyone. I enjoyed the team, just not the yelling when they were playing pretty close to their potential. I'm one of those weird coaches who wants the girls to develop their skills and most importantly HAVE FUN. Winnning is fine, it's just NOT life or death with me.. So, if this IS Larry, then I'll probably see you Saturday at signups, if not, PM me back telling me to leave you the H_ _ _ alone.


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