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    Night hunting

    It passed and had to wait so many days to become Law. I think they will put into effect after this years Deer season then be in effect there after
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    Either the biggest coyote in Ky. or it's a freakin wolf

    That's def a big one for sure
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    Coyote Hunting at Night

    10,12 ,20 and so on 10 being largest
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    Coyote Hunting at Night

    HB 60 look it up House Bill 60
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    Whats the reason for House Bill 60?

    HB 60 is about Hunting thematic night
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    Odd Coyote (graphic)

    What did you shoot this yote with? A Barrett 50 cal? Lol , man what a HOLE
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    Valentines Day Present for my Wife

    Good looking rifle and heavy looking coyote for sure
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    First Bobcat

    Congrats on cat and enjoyed reading your story. I'm jealous lol
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    Went 2day

    Hey Fuzzy Remember this is a Nat Forest and its highly used on weekends and through the week. This is why they are harder to call in vs. the county :-) There will be plenty for you :-)
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    Went 2day

    Thanks Yote Yoda
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    Went 2day

    Went today to LBL. Set up a few places to try the to call a cat up. Today was very warm and windy. I didn't do any good at all, but it was still a good day to be outside in the woods
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    Foxpro Scorpion vs. Foxpro Firestorm

    Just bought the Firestorm but haven't got to try it out yet.
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    First Cat if the year.

    Good thing you had the yote for comparison. Cat is def as big and long as coyote
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    First Cat if the year.

    congrats on the cat, what sounds bird? shotgun or rifle?
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    What drives a predator hunter ? To hunt something they can't eat anyway !

    Very addicting and love the RUSH of calling one in !