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  • LBLDOG, sorry I didn't answer your question when you posted it. I had a lot of physical problems about that time and didn't even see your message. I have a different method of placing my ecaller from most fellows; I seldom ever walk 50 to 100 yds towards where I want to call. I'll drop the call off on my way to my perch. That takes really knowing your land and when you want to make a particular stand, considering wind direction, coyote location, etc.. I don't use both my hand calls and the ecaller on all stands, but do use both on certain stands. Kinda hard to explain in total detail, but it is something you will pick up on if you hunt a lot alone. The use you described is a good one though, using a couple of howlers and then watching a few minutes. No customers show up, let the ecaller howl next and watch again. Less calling and more watching is good advice most of the time. If you are using the wind correctly, you don't need much volume.
    I just saw the msg you sent me way back in Nov about the LBL turkey. Im sorry I never got back with you. This is the first time I have been on here in a long time. I hope you had a good hunt and hope your doing well. Maybe we can hook up and do some turkey hunting. Take care. Feel free to give me a call any time.

    Jesse (Raven42)
    kelly don,

    I am very sorry to hear that. I wish you the best and am happy for you being able to start over. I will forsure get in touch with you on the yote hunting. I dont have a ton of free time due to work but will have some time to chase them. Glad to hear you are doing ok. Keep in touch.
    Hello kelly don,

    Nope sure aient man, It has been super slow for me to be honest. I have killed two doe and my soon wife to be has killed two doe as well. So we have killed 4 so far and havent even seen a shooter buck yet. Opening weekend we seen 10 diff bucks and they were all junk bucks. It shouldd start to get better soon though. How are you?
    Now. The wind was pretty harsh so I dont think my call was getting to far out. Maybe Ill do better tomorrow.
    Hey neighbor, I'm excited, can't wait for the 5th to get here. I'm going to load some 125 grain TNT hollow points for My 308 to take on the coyote hunt.
    Hey lbldog! How have ya been? We talked briefly about kaler wma. Did you ever go? I went today. Kind of unplanned. Hadn't reviewed the maps and so on. Didn't get around a whole lot but there is at least a little bit or "upland" ground. Are you still interested in checking it out? It may be a little early for me to say for sure, but I would like to try next weekend. Did you get to the range? I need a decent place to sight in myself. I hate to join the club at shooter's because during the summer they have some kind of match almost every weekend. The range at lbl is still closed. Let me know what you think about kaler. ed
    Hey LBLDOG,

    That is my FRED BEAR CODE, I bought it before last bow season. Very sweet setup for the money. No yotes yet. But I guess I would have to go to be able to kill one. Working a ton lately.
    I just sent u a text. Not sure if you have text or not. But read last reply on the post I put up what is this? Wonder if he is just bs or being for real.
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