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Lady Hunter

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    1. Duster
      Not sure were you live but I have a 25-06 that will do the job on deer. If your anywhere near Muhlenberg county you would be more that welcome to come try it out. Recoil is about like a 22 mag. Just don't try and talk me out of it the grandson place his claim right after I got it...LOL.
      1. Lady Hunter
        Lady Hunter
        Thanks! Unfortunately, recoil isn't the big problem. Shot a 308, a 270 & a 30-06 with no recoil problems & was ringing the gong at 200 yds! The torn tricep in my left arm won't support the front of gun. Just can't do it. Ditto for holding a shooting stick/bipod. So we're working on a blind that's solid enough to use a sandbag to hold my rifle. I'll be stuck in ONE spot for the season but it's better than nothing.
        Apr 12, 2019
    2. pondbuster
      I ran across your wine thread, What's the recipe?
      1. Lady Hunter
        Lady Hunter
        I'll have to look it up. Been a while since we started a batch...
        Dec 1, 2018
    3. Cky hunter
      Cky hunter
      let me know if you need any more help with the wine
    4. Birdman
      Where are you from?
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    "God is great, beer is good & people are crazy!"