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  • Hi you left a message on my post, was wondering if you could tell me were on the body would a shot placement would be for pancreas. ???
    Thanks for response. Actually, I've never seen one of my posts get deleted. I think the mods do a great job! I've been to other sites where it seems pissing matches are the least of one's worries b/c they get into cursing matches, slander, and more...without edits.

    I don't take anything personally that I see on the internet even if it is directed at me. I know the audiences vary in IQ more widely than their ages and experiences.
    Pissing contests get deleted. If your non-offensive post gets caught up in it, don't take it personally. All your moderators have to sneak in forum time during their day jobs and it may be easier to whack the whole mess than try to pick and choose which ones to take out. Your mods aren't perfect but the pay is lousy and we do what we can with what we got.: )
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