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    2013 Spring turkey harvest pics

    23lbs 8oz 8-1/2" beard 1-1/8" spurs 18lbs 2oz 10-1/2" beard 1-1/8" spurs
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    what lead loads you using?

    This year I am going back to lead. The prices of the tungsten shells are simply getting too sticking high. By the time you get a gun dialed in on those shells, it is time to buy another box. You are $100 dollars in on ammo before you ever step foot in the woods. I am going to go through some of...
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    Newest member to the Ky Hunting Family!

    Our little girl is 5 months old today and I can honestly say it is the best gift God has ever given me. Enjoy it! It is a blast.
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    Snake Hunting. Literally!!

    I heard on Bob and Tom this morning that someone on this hunt had already turned in a 16 footer.
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    Taxidermy near Lexington

    Here is the Pintail he did for me last year.
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    tankless water heater question

    When we built our house two years ago we installed two AO SMith water heaters. Many times the wife and I have taken back to back showers or she has filled the jacuzzi tub up while I took a shower. We have yet to run out of hot water. Best decision we made on that side of things.
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    Mr. Fauntleroy please...

    The only time I buy anything there is the instance you spoke cards.
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    The "best" shell for ducks?

    I keep a supply of 3" #2 1-3/8 oz. on hand this time of year. Made the switch this year to Kent from Drylok in previous years. I shoot these at geese and ducks without any issue out of my 11-87 Super Mag with the factory Remington full choke.
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    Dropped the Ax on a Buck

    Mike, one thing that one will learn about Billy and his deer sightings is that you can never believe a word of what he says.:D Congrats a dandy buck Billy.
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    Is boresighted good enough to hunt with???/

    Tell me more about this rifle and what kind of deal did they have on them? I may run over there this afternoon when I get off work and pick one up so I too can hunt in the morning.
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    Gall bladder or acid reflux?

    I visited the doctor two weeks ago with the exact same symptoms you described. After an EKG and xrays he asked me if I had ever been diagnosed with acid reflux. I said I had not. He told me that I had now. Started taking Prevacid the day after the visit. It took about three days for the symptoms...
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    Firework ban in parts of Western KY

    I thik it is aboslutely idiotic for there not to be a ban on fireworks this year. It is far too dry for anyone to be sending fireballs into the air only to have them fall somewhere onto the ground. i really don't care anything about KY looking like another CO.
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    low country boil

    The wife and I are planning to do one of those in the very near future. Ateup did one at the lake a few years back that was awesome. Unfortunately his cousin and I were the only ones that like crab legs (whoe ever heard of such). We ate until movement was not an option.
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    got all healthy and ate a salad last night

    Griddles rock, but tend to make a horrible mess. I whipped up some burgers a couple of weeks ago on the griddle. Spent more time cleaning up afterward than I did actually cooking. We vowed to leave it for things such as pancakes and other non splatter meals.
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    My Pintail is home.

    Picked up my Pintail mount this weekend while at the NTWF convention. Once again, I am more than pleased with the work by Shawn Whitehead. It looks amazing!

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