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    Pretty ducks..

    Great pictures!!
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    UK vs TN

    I agree that Bledsoe forces the issue alot on offense. The thing that was getting to me the most last game was his defense. Especially at the last when we was making our run he gave up 6 points in a row I think it was.
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    Trijicon Just Earned A New Customer....

    I also watched this report on Yahoo. I thought it was pretty awesome that they do this. Thought it was absurd at how the guy acted like it was such a big deal that the scriptures was on there.
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    Wow, a sunrise like that always makes for a great morning.
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    check this out

    Umm, yea that's a big duck!!
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    Anyone else throw out their elbow playing Wii sports?

    For spin while bowling just hold the remote sideways and it spins by itself. Found that out today after I had already became sore.
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    NERD ALERT!!! (Iron Man 2 Trailer)

    I sure hope it is as good as the first one.
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    Duck Hunt 12-12-09

    Always look forward to your reports.
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    Opening Day boat race....

    I like to hunt ducks as much as any man, or at least I thought so
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    Google scouting

    I have to agree that, or Bing is the better map. With the Birds eye feature I can honestly see my truck in my drive. The only problem is the birds eye view does not work in all locations.
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    Mountain Buck

    What a awesome buck!!! Congrats
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    Roping A Deer!!

    I read this story on a blog a little while back and laughed so hard. Needless to say i just read it a second time, and laughed again.
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    That article is most likely the only way people will know about this mishap.
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    Crisp cool air!

    Wow, i absolutely cannot wait. Just got in from a farm and was getting ready to hop in the truck, when i heard that magical sound of whistling wings over head. Boy did it hit me, only 23 days:)
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    White House vs. Fox

    This could potentially hurt the white house pretty bad if they do not back off. I could be wrong but I don't see this coming. Something interesting I did notice. Was Dunn's comment, that Obama would appear on Fox news in the future.

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