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  • I just wanted to hear your feedback on it if you ever gave it a shot. It is near my in-law's place and I am thinking about checking it out when I come in for Thanksgiving. If you don't mind, would you just shoot me an email ([email protected]) or call/text me (270-316-6928)? I may never see it on here...

    I don't really post on here, but will check the threads out to find answers to my questions, one of which you asked back in 2008. I wanted to reach out because a.) you are openly a cards fan and that takes balls on this site ;-) I am too! Live in Louisville and hunt in Daviess/Ohio Counties. And b.) you asked about the L.B. Davidson WMA.
    Your PM box must be full. Here is the PM I tried to send you:

    I forgot to add the info about the trout.....Sorry!:eek: The KDFWR says they release 1000 trout at the HWY 60 bridge, and that the trout are normally caught from that bridge to "BIG SPRING".... It says it is about 4.5 miles, but I can't find ANY info on Big Spring. If you get the chance, check it out for me. They are releasing the trout on May 4th, and I was planning on trying to make a trip up there on the 6th. Do you know anything about "Big Spring"?
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